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HerSong celebrates, recognizes, and promotes the great contributions that women make to independent music all over the world in every genre. Discover new music, watch videos, read in-depth interviews, and listen to Her songs on the HerSong Radio. 

Mission Statement

Women’s voices and their participation in all aspects of creative society are more important than ever! HerSong is dedicated to sharing the voices of women through music and in doing so, we hope to change the world one song at a time.

Girls Rock Camp Foundation

HerSong donates 3% of all profits to the Girls Rock Camp Foundation. Through lessons, mentorship, positive examples, and the shared experiences of the staff and volunteers, Girls Rock Camps demonstrate that every genre of music, from the heaviest to the most delicate, and every technical job and creative endeavor in the music industry is available to any girl or woman who wants to explore it. By teaching girls that they can be just as comfortable on the stage as in front of it, Girls Rock Camps give girls powerful tools for developing new ideas about who they are and what they can become- in music and beyond. HerSong is proud to support the Girls Rock Camp Foundation.

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Why a Women's Music Blog?

The industry’s most in-demand and popular performers right now are women — Ariana Grande dominated the Billboard charts in 2019. Beyoncé signed a $60 million Netflix deal that will see her put out two more specials in addition to her recently released concert film Homecoming. Billie Eilish is a phenomenon. Yet not only is it rare to see a female artist in the headlining spot on a poster, it’s rare to see any but the most well-established female artists perform at a festival in the first place; a 2018 survey by Pitchfork found that women make up only 19 percent of the average festival lineup. The disparity has not gone unnoticed by festival goers — of which about half are women. There is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality in the music industry. FORBES Magazine reported that researchers looked at the 700 top songs on Billboard’s year-end Hot 100 chart between 2012 and 2018. Across the three creative roles highlighted in the study, women make up 21.7 percent of artists, 12.3 percent of songwriters and 2.1 percent of producers. Released just five days ahead of the 2019 Grammy's, data for the nominees of the biggest awards -- Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and Producer of the Year -- shows that men are vastly over-represented at the awards ceremony. Only 10.4 percent of nominees between 2013 and 2019 were women. Researchers also interviewed 75 female songwriters and producers to gain insight into the “lived experiences of women in music.” Over 40 percent of respondents reported that their colleagues dismissed or discounted their work or skills. Meanwhile, 39 percent have experienced stereotyping and sexualization.


Sylvie Marie, Founder of HerSong Music Blog

Currently residing in the music city of Austin,  and originally  from Connecticut, Sylvie grew up listening to her father play popular music on an electric organ.  After trying the organ, she switched to guitar. Skip ahead and today, Sylvie holds a Bachelor Degree in Guitar Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music.  Many of her original songs incorporate her love for finger-style guitar playing.

Sylvie is a  2019 Global Music Awards "Gold  Medal Winner" for "Best Songwriter" and "Best Lyricist."In 2017, she won "Best Folk EP" from the Akademia Music Awards. She is currently working on her concept album "I Walk Out of the Fog", a song cycle about emotional abuse and recovery. Through writing and recording her album, Sylvie came to realize power of transformation that music offers. 


Sylvie has been in two all female bands: The BeeKeepers and Celticity and it is her privilege to promote women in Independent Music through HerSong. She has performed in major folk venues throughout the country. Her music has 45,000 plays on Reverbnation and she has been on 77 radio stations across the U.S.


For more info on Sylvie, please visit her website. 

Victoria Scott - Producer, Recording Artist, Music Blogger

Victoria Scott is a recording artist, music producer, singer-songwriter, and an erudite musician, from the Greater Los Angeles Area. She has worked as a songwriter and producer for various artists and herself. Victoria has released two albums and a single in the past year, 2018-2019. Her music is influenced by blues, RnB, electronic, and soul.  She fell in love with music when she was about three years old and she would listen to her mom’s old Motown, soul, Mozart, and Sarah Vaughn albums for hours in the living room. Victoria knew when she was four that she wanted to be a musician and performer. Her passion for music/art is why she creates. Music is life and she believes that it’s ingrained in everyone’s life in some way. Originality comes from the heart and your own experiences, and for Victoria, it comes out in her music. Her focus in life is to keep life in music and keep music in our lives because music has brought many people strength and healing.

Theresa Fortin, Manager

Theresa is passionate about music.  Music has always been a part of her life.  Her father was a singer who recorded a record.  Her Grandmother was a master of piano.  Her great Grandfather played harmonica and violin! Theresa has studied guitar and voice. She has a Bachelor's degree in education from Rhode Island College and a Master's Degree from Providence College.  Theresa handles auditions for BWH Music Group blogs and radio.  

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